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Julienne Holmes
Julienne Holmes
Julienne Holmes
Julienne Holmes
Julienne Holmes
Julienne Holmes
The Girl Who Wore Her Shoes on the Wrong Feet

ISBN-13: 978-1462687268

"My little sister, Clare, is really weird. She believes that wearing her shoes on the wrong feet, is like walking in someone else's shoes..." Clare is a very normal, fun loving, little girl. Okay, she may enjoy wearing her shoes on the wrong feet. Yet, besides that unique little quirk, there is, this little child who enjoys life and the little problems that are thrown into the mix. Her family and friends may find her odd, but if they gave her, unusual, behavior, a chance, they could learn a lot from her; a life's lesson, that could help them a long the way.

Everyone says that the old woman across the street is a Witch

ISBN-13: 978-1462696376

"Everyone says that the old woman across the street is a witch. They say she has a long warty nose..."

Amanda thinks that the old woman across the street is a witch. She's almost positive that when her frog, Jumpy, goes missing, that this old witch has not just taken him, but has horrible plans in store for him. Can she save him in time? Or will Jumpy become another victim of the old witch across the street?

Jumpidy, Jump, Frog

ISBN-13: 978-1627096270

"Willy, Lilly, Silly, I am a Frog." Here's a frog story that I'm sure every parent will enjoy reading to their child and is easy enough, not to mention enjoyable for all ages. This story has a poetic theme to it, and you literary can feel how enjoyable it is to hop along with this slimy, green, lovable frog. So, as the little frog says, come one and all and jump along with him in this carefree, but, enjoyable story.

My Mom is a Witch

ISBN-13: 978-1462692071

My mom's a witch! I swear she is, because one day when my sister and I were driving in the car with her, my mom yelled, "BE QUIET!!" My mom's a witch is about a little girl named Amanda, who strongly believes that her mom is a witch. She tries to justify that the reason why she's being punished, is because her mother is this horrible witch bent on making her life miserable. Throughout these hilarious situations, Amanda tries to prove that her mother is indeed this witch that, not only her, but everyone, should fear.

The Date

ISBN-13: 978-1495288029


In Carlington, a parallel universe, where shape-shifters and other magical creatures co-exist among humans, there is an unlikely romance brewing between two very different individuals. Joanna, a temp, has already experienced the painful heartbreak of betrayal and is looking for an enticing love with someone who will, not just accept her, but love her. Wyatt, a successful werewolf, has invested all his time in his business. Yet, now, he's looking for his true mate. What both don't know is that finding that perfect someone, can be as simple as turning on their computer and logging into a special dating site. Will a loving blissful romance be within these twos grasp? Or will the prospect of romantic bliss still be out of reach for both? Who can tell, unless you read: The Date


My Book of Stories and Poetry

ISBN-13: 978-1495291944


From stories of love to poems of heartache, My Book of stories and poetry is one that has a mixture of fantasy, paranormal, and original stories and poems that speak of great loves and unbelievable heartaches. From a story about a young man finding his centuries past love to a poem that describes one's first enjoyable, passionate, kiss. This book has many more stories and poems that should bring a smile to any hopeful or hopeless romantic.

Julienne Holmes

Night of the Panther: The Town Sheriff

ISBN-13: 978-1495291692


When Kristina Philistine moves to Marble Falls, Texas, she never expected to find happiness in the form of the mysterious Sheriff Conway. Nor did she expect to find comfort in his arms. Yet, there's something that lurks behind his hypnotic gaze. This man is a mystery, that has an even darker secret. For Kristina to survive the ever consuming darkness, though, she'll have to trust him. As the darkness closes in around her, she starts to realize that her past is something she shouldn't have reckoned with. Can she trust this one man, that unleashes this unbearable passion inside her, to protect her from the blood thirsty monster lurking in the darkness? Or will her past soon become her undoing?


Julienne Holmes

A Winter Romance: The Christmas Mystery 

ISBN-13: 978-1499718935


After a horrible winter night tragedy, two ladies of privilege are now left with nothing. It takes a stranger from both their pasts to ultimately change their lives. One will be confronted by her heart's desire. While the other will have to suffer through the strain of her guilty conscience. Will there be happiness for both? Or do the fates have something else in store for them?